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Questo blog non rappresenta una testata giornalistica in quanto viene aggiornato senza alcuna periodicità. Non può pertanto considerarsi un prodotto editoriale ai sensi della legge n. 62 del 7/03/2001. Le foto presenti sul blog sono dei rispettivi autori, nel caso violino i diritti d'autore saranno rimosse in seguito a pronta comunicazione.
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Universo Segreto
Universo Segreto
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    In the world's driest rainfed wheat region, researchers have identified summer fallow management practices that can make all the difference for farmers, water and soil conservation, and air quality. Wheat growers in the Horse Heaven Hills of south-central Washington farm with an average of 6-8 inches of rain a year. Wind erosion has caused blowing dust […]
  • Boy moms more social in chimpanzees: Watching adult males in action may help youngsters prepare
    Four decades of chimpanzee observations reveals the mothers of sons are 25 percent more social than the mothers of daughters, spending about two hours more per day with other chimpanzees than the girl moms did. Researchers believe mothers are giving young males the opportunity to observe males in social situations to help them develop the social skills they […]
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    Biologists have confirmed the discovery of a new bird species more than 15 years after the elusive animal was first seen.
  • Flower links Civil War, natural history and 'the blood of heroes'
    On August 14, 1864, in a Union Army camp in Georgia, a captain from Wisconsin plucked a plant, pressed it onto a sheet of paper, wrote a letter describing the plant as "certainly the most interesting specimen I ever saw," and sent it with the plant to a scientist he called "Friend" in Wisconsin.
  • Avoiding ecosystem collapse: Experts Weigh in
    From coral reefs to prairie grasslands, some of the world's most iconic habitats are susceptible to sudden collapse due to seemingly minor events. A classic example: the decimation of kelp forests when a decline of otter predation unleashes urchin population explosions. Three studies hold the promise of helping resource managers predict, avoid, and reve […]
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