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Cornucopia 3D
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Archive del 3 dicembre 2009

Il tarsio spettro o maki folletto è un primate della famiglia dei Tarsiidae.

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Universo Segreto
Universo Segreto
dicembre: 2009
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Babel Fish
La scuola che funziona
Ryukyu-Ken, Dogs of the Ryukyu IslandsCat Tiger 2014„Mažoji Liza“: SOS! Oro uoste automobilių aikštelėje verkia ir bėga prie žmonių mažas kačiukas. Reikalinga globa.Polpo fresco
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  • How ferns adapted to one of Earth's newest and most extreme environments
    Ferns are believed to be 'old' plant species -- some of them lived alongside the dinosaurs, over 200 million years ago. However, a group of Andean ferns evolved much more recently: their completely new form and structure (morphology) arose and diversified within the last 2 million years. This novel morphology seems to have been advantageous when co […]
  • Designer 'barrel' proteins created
    Designer proteins that expand on nature's own repertoire, created by a team of chemists and biochemists, are described in a new paper. Proteins are long linear molecules that fold up to form well-defined 3D shapes. These 3D molecular architectures are essential for biological functions such as the elasticity of skin, the digestion of food, and the trans […]
  • Florida lizards evolve rapidly, within 15 years and 20 generations
    Scientists working on islands in Florida have documented the rapid evolution of a native lizard species -- in as little as 15 years -- as a result of pressure from an invading lizard species, introduced from Cuba.
  • A gut bacterium that attacks dengue and malaria pathogens and their mosquito vectors
    Just like those of humans, insect guts are full of microbes, and the microbiota can influence the insect's ability to transmit diseases. A new study reports that a bacterium isolated from the gut of an Aedes mosquito can reduce infection of mosquitoes by malaria parasites and dengue virus. The bacterium can also directly inhibit these pathogens in the t […]
  • Helping sweet cherries survive the long haul
    Research into the effectiveness of hydrocooling of sweet cherries at commercial packing houses determined the need for post-packing cooling. Analyses determined that core temperatures achieved by in-line hydrocoolers during packing did not reduce temperatures sufficiently to ensure good quality retention over the longer periods of time required for container […]
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