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Questo blog non rappresenta una testata giornalistica in quanto viene aggiornato senza alcuna periodicità. Non può pertanto considerarsi un prodotto editoriale ai sensi della legge n. 62 del 7/03/2001. Le foto presenti sul blog sono dei rispettivi autori, nel caso violino i diritti d'autore saranno rimosse in seguito a pronta comunicazione.
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La Tigre – Poesia di William Blake

La Tigre – Trilussa

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Universo Segreto
Universo Segreto
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Babel Fish
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  • Eavesdropping on brain cell chatter
    Everything we do -- all of our movements, thoughts and feelings -- are the result of neurons talking with one another, and recent studies have suggested that some of the conversations might not be all that private. Brain cells known as astrocytes may be listening in on, or even participating in, some of those discussions. But a new mouse study suggests that […]
  • Theoretical biophysics: Adventurous bacteria decide how to preserve species?
    To reproduce or to conquer the world? Surprisingly, bacteria also face this problem. Theoretical biophysicists have now shown how these organisms should decide how best to preserve their species.
  • Hide and seek: Revealing camouflaged bacteria
    A protein family that plays a central role in the fight against the bacterial pathogen Salmonella within the cells has been discovered by researchers. The so called interferon-induced GTPases reveal and eliminate the bacterium's camouflage in the cell, enabling the cell to recognize the pathogen and to render it innocuous.
  • Ancient shark fossil reveals new insights into jaw evolution
    The skull of a newly discovered 325-million-year-old shark-like species suggests that early cartilaginous and bony fishes have more to tell us about the early evolution of jawed vertebrates -- including humans -- than do modern sharks, as was previously thought. The new study shows that living sharks are actually quite advanced in evolutionary terms, despite […]
  • Sperm meets egg: Protein essential for fertilization discovered
    Interacting proteins on the surface of the sperm and the egg have been discovered by researchers. These are essential to begin mammalian life. These proteins, which allow the sperm and egg to recognize one another, offer new paths towards improved fertility treatments and the development of new contraceptives.
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